A Pattern Language for Web Usability by Ian Graham

A Pattern Language for Web Usability by Ian Graham
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– Identifies and shows how to use 79 Web usability patterns.

– Introduces a standard pattern language, the Web usability pattern language (wu), developed by the author jointly with other luminaries in the patterns field.

– Condenses years of research in HCI and GUI design into a format which will be instantly useful to all Web professionals.

Despite the astronomical number of hours invested in developing Web sites, it is quite clear that the vast majority of them are difficult to use. One possible solution to making sites more usable is the use of design patterns: standard solutions to recurring design problems. To address this issue, the author organized a workshop at the 0T2001 conference where a number of patterns and usability experts identified 79 unique Web usability patterns. They also developed a pattern language, which they named the Web usability pattern language, or wu, which enables these solutions to be linked into sequences. The patterns cover the related areas of usability, content, navigation, and aesthetics. This book is the result of that workshop, showing the millions of Web professionals how to avoid common errors and create better sites. The patterns are presented in the form favored by the patterns community. The book is organized in a way that the patterns can be accessed quickly and easily to solve common Web design problems. The companion Web site will have examples of all the patterns, as well as updates and links.