Attribution Modelling in Google Ads and Facebook Himanshu Sharma Author

Attribution Modelling in Google Ads and Facebook Himanshu Sharma Author
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Attribution modelling is the process of understanding the customer purchasing journey and determining the most effective marketing channels/campaigns for investment at a particular point in time.A lot has been said about attribution modelling over the years. However, talking about attribution is the easy bit, implementing it is the real challenge.This book has been written to help you implement attribution modelling in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Facebook. This expert guide will teach you, how to leverage the knowledge of attribution modelling in order to understand the customer purchasing journey and to determine the most effective marketing channels for investment.In this book there is a strong focus on using Google Ads and other Google tools such as Google Analytics. I have explained various attribution modelling concepts, mainly in the context of Google Ads and Facebook. What do you need to know in advance in order to benefit from this book?In order to get the maximum benefit from this book, you will need a working knowledge of Google Ads, Facebook marketing, Google Analytics and ecommerce. No knowledge of statistics or traditional marketing mix modelling is required. This book has been written in plain English. As long as you understand English, you are good to go.What is not included in this book?This book is not about getting started with Google Ads, Google Analytics or Facebook marketing. The main emphasis of this book is on optimizing the online performance of your marketing campaigns through attribution modelling in the context of Google Ads and Facebook. This book explains attribution modelling only in the context of Google Ads and Facebook. It does not explain attribution modelling in the context of Google Analytics and other marketing channels, such as organic search, email, affiliate marketing etc.This book is not about traditional marketing mix modelling. It is also not about understanding and finding the optimal mix of the 4Ps of marketing (product, price, place and promotion). There are no chapters on regression analysis and predictive modelling. We are not going to predict or forecast any future sales or ROI in this book. Consequently, there is no use of statistics in this book. I recommend that you read the table of contents in order to get a good understanding of the topics covered within this book.Who should read this book?Any person who wants to improve the online performance of their Google Ads and Facebook marketing campaigns should read this book. Digital marketers, web analysts, conversion optimizers and data scientists will benefit the most from this book.