XML Topic Maps : Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web by Jack, Hunting, Sam Park

XML Topic Maps : Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web by Jack, Hunting, Sam Park
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The definitive guide to XML Topic Maps – the breakthrough tool for building tomorrow’s Semantic Web

– Creating, using, and extending Topic Maps with XTM 1.0.

– The future of Topic Maps: next-generation knowledge representation, search, and much more.

– By founding members of the XTM Topic Maps in XML authoring group.

XML Topic Maps (XTM) represent a powerful new tool for transforming the Web from a vast, chaotic sea of data into a highly usable information resource. XML Topic Maps is the first comprehensive, authoritative guide to this new technology. Edited by Jack Park, a leader of the XTM community, with contributions from leading members of the community, it covers every aspect of XML Topic Map creation and usage. This book shows how XML Topic Maps can be utilized as an enabling technology for the new “Semantic Web, " in which information is given well-defined meaning, making it possible for computers and people to cooperate more effectively than ever before. Coverage includes creating, using, and extending XML Topic Maps and the use of XML Topic Maps to create next-generation knowledge representation systems and search tools. Park shows how to use Topic Maps to visualize data; how Topic Maps relate to RDF and semantic networks; and finally, how Topic Maps presage a profound paradigm shift in the way information is represented, shared, and learned on the Internet – and everywhere else. For every Web designer, developer, and content specialist concerned with delivering and sharing information in more useful and meaningful forms.