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BY Hemron ON 29 Jul 2021

American Express

Everyone loves a deal. But it’s hard to snag the right one at the right time—and to put up with the hassle of coupons and printouts. Imagine receiving special offers that match your personal likes and interests, and then being able to access them easily. That’s exactly what American Express did by teaming up with Facebook.

To sweeten deals for its Cardmembers, the company created an app that delivers savings and rewards to its customers based on their likes and interests on Facebook.

To sign up for “Link, Like, Love,” Cardmembers simply visit the app on the American Express Facebook Page and choose the Card they want to link to the program. Next, they can browse all the latest savings and rewards relating to what they like on Facebook.

Cardmembers don’t need to worry about printing any coupons. They simply choose their favorites, then use their linked American Express Card, and statement credits are sent directly to their Card account. Meanwhile, businesses are able to provide couponless offers to a crowd of potentially millions through the app. Now that’s a combination to link, like and love.