Use Facebook Marketplace To Sell Your Goods And Promote Online Shops

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BY Hemron ON 03 Oct 2022

Use Facebook Marketplace To Sell Your Goods And Promote Online Shops

Facebook Marketplace can increase your market

The days of spending money on expensive advertising or hoping you don’t get scammed on a dodgy buy-and-sell site are thankfully a thing of the past. If you want to earn some extra money by selling used or unwanted furniture online, or you have a furniture website that you want to promote, then Facebook Marketplace may be the answer to your problems.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook launched The Marketplace in 2016, and it soon gained popularity as a platform for people to sell goods to costumers. Facebook Marketplace is a safer and easier-to-use site to use when selling compared to Craigslist.

By enabling eligible vendors to provide nationwide delivery for goods in some categories, Facebook also allows them access to a far bigger client base than local-only vendors. Potential customers from over 50 counties use Marketplace on a monthly basis.

Advantages of using Facebook Marketplace for businesses

Facebook has significant marketing possibilities with its more than 2.7 billion monthly users, of which 1 billion are also active Marketplace users. Since it gives them access to a huge global audience, this is an additional benefit for small enterprises. Let’s go through a few benefits of using Facebook Marketplace.

• Availability of different marketing tools: There are different tools available for business, such as automated replies or chatbots.
• Facilitating one-on-one sales to prospects: Direct contact with you allows you to respond to inquiries from potential customers in real-time.
• Allowing to list products for free and boost sales
• All companies may list and manage items for free on Facebook Marketplace. You can easily list your items in a matter of minutes and begin selling, which will help you improve conversion rates and increase revenue. If you already have a Facebook store, connect it right to your marketplace to boost sales even more.

How to use Facebook Marketplace to list items

As a business owner, you first need to have a personal or business Facebook account. It is simply a matter of adding your items to Facebook’s Marketplace, News Feed, and other relevant areas so that users may view them.

Let’s us the example of furniture company Woodism, selling on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. On the News Feed on Woodism Facebook account, click on Marketplace.

  2. Select Create a new listing from the Marketplace menu.

  3. Chose the listing type. In this case it will be”Item for sale”.

  4. Choose your product category, enter the information about the item you wish to sell, along with the price, location, and a brief description of the item along with up to 10 images. For example: 39.9 EUR, Europe, Alice Fox’s stylish chair is sized to fit a child’s desk. With a chair equipped with a seat cushion, the child can sit comfortably and do homework or do crafts.

  5. Click on publish

Taking Facebook Marketplace further

In Conjunction with listing your product, you can advertise on Fascebook. This allows your product to be seen by more people who match the criteria for your product, for a nominal fee.

There are of course, companies like that can manage all of this for you! Check out how we can help you, today!