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BY Hemron ON 18 Sep 2021


AT&T reinvents customer service by engaging with people on Facebook

AT&T measures ROI for all of its activities and says Facebook helps drive sales.

With 100 million subscribers to keep happy, AT&T’s customer service team has its work cut out for it. But one move is making that work easier. The telecom giant sent top customer reps to support its subscribers in a spot where they increasingly hang out: Facebook.

Today, AT&T has more than 20 specialists dedicated to monitoring its Facebook Page and other social media. During business hours, the reps respond within 15 minutes to any issue that a subscriber posts to the Page. And when they do, they use their real names—just like everyone else on Facebook.

Helping customers where they spend their time is paying off. Inspired by AT&T’s efforts, the brand’s fans are even jumping in to answer each other’s questions on the Page outside of business hours. Customers whose problems are resolved via social media often come back to the Page to thank AT&T. As AT&T sees it, becoming more social is the right call.