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Bud Light
BY Hemron ON 30 Apr 2021

Bud Light

Bud Light redefines event marketing by bringing an offline event to life on Facebook

Sharing the Bud Light Hotel event on Facebook resulted in a 200 percent increase in engagement on the brand’s page.

For the few who get to check in, the Bud Light Hotel rocks—literally. At the annual Super Bowl-related event, the brand took over an actual hotel, entertaining guests with the likes of Nelly, Ke$ha, Pitbull and The Fray. And it turned to Facebook to spread the experience beyond the hotel’s 200 rooms.

To share the hotel’s vibe—complete with guest towels and shampoo featuring the brand logo—with people all over the country, Bud Light created a tab on its Facebook Page where people could follow the Dallas event. At the hotel, guests got RFID wristbands enabling them to take photos of themselves with friends at kiosks stationed throughout the hotel property. The camera-happy could then tag the people in their pics and publish the shots to their news feeds, boosting awareness of the event within friends’ networks.

To generate more word of mouth, Bud Light used sponsored stories to fuel distribution of the photos and other updates the guests posted at the Bud Light Hotel.

If you count all the people joining the party on Facebook, the Bud Light Hotel was way overbooked.