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Country Crock
BY Hemron ON 27 Aug 2021

Country Crock

Country Crock raises purchase consideration by connecting with moms

Country Crock’s targeted ads on Facebook helped it reach 11 million people.

On many dinner plates, vegetables get short shrift. Country Crock wanted to change that with a campaign designed to show moms that their families would gobble up veggies prepared with its soft spread. So the brand used Facebook to spread the love for carrots, peas and other tasty vegetables.

To reach members of its target audience, Country Crock created a special tab on its Facebook Page where moms could browse recipes like Easy Mashed Gingered-Carrots and Honey-Orange Mixed Vegetables. As part of the campaign, Premium Ads drove engagement by asking questions such as What’s your family’s favorite vegetable?”

Each person’s response created a story in her friends’ news feeds, driving more awareness of the message. People who liked the Page also received a 40-cents-off coupon toward their next Country Crock purchase. On its Page, Country Crock generated more than 1,000 likes and comments per post for many of the campaign-related posts.

Turns out, veggies have lots of friends after all.