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BY Hemron ON 14 Jun 2021


Ford shares its new 2011 Explorer with the world by unveiling it on Facebook

In a survey of Facebook fans exposed to the campaign, 77 percent said the 2011 Explorer reveal had positively impacted their shopping considerations.

To debut its completely new 2011 Explorer, Ford wanted to try something equally new: revealing the car on Facebook. The move would be a fresh one for both the brand and the industry—marking the first time a major car release would take place outside an auto show.

Working with its agencies, Team Detroit and Ogilvy 360, Ford created an integrated campaign with Facebook at its center. To build its Facebook community, Ford announced a sweepstakes offering people the chance to win one of the newest Explorers once the Ford Explorer Page reached 30,000 fans.

To further fuel the buzz, Ford installed the Like button on all of its digital properties. Whenever people on Facebook liked content about the Explorer, that like was shared through their news feeds. Ford also created a unique “Reveal” tab on its Page that featured a video showing the car off in auto-show style, and a Q&A with CEO Alan Mulally.

While the actual reveal event may have been held in New York City, it also took place on the screens of Ford Explorer Facebook fans throughout the world.