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Huggies Hong Kong
BY Hemron ON 01 Sep 2021

Huggies Hong Kong

Huggies Hong Kong drives sales with a deeply social campaign

Facebook Ads helped Huggies gather 4,000 photos from engaged fans in a span of just three weeks.

Parents all over the world love sharing pictures of their babies. Inspired by this universal passion, Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies created a campaign in Hong Kong that encouraged photo sharing as a way to build lasting customer relationships.

Working with Social@Ogilvy, Huggies asked fans in Hong Kong to upload their favorite baby snapshots to its Huggies HK Facebook Page. The 60 photos receiving the most fan votes would appear on the city’s buses. At least, that was the plan.

Using Facebook Ads to help drive campaign awareness, Huggies received an overwhelming response—more than 4,000 photos were uploaded in just three weeks.

As a thank-you to fans, Huggies mounted a 30-foot-long billboard featuring the entire photo collection in one of Hong Kong’s busiest subway stations—instantly turning it into one of the city’s cutest and most beloved attractions. Needless to say, Huggies felt plenty of love, too.