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P.F. Chang’s
BY Hemron ON 04 Jul 2021

P.F. Chang’s

A Facebook coupon offer drives foot traffic into P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s birthday Facebook campaign helped it grow its fan base to 420,000—more than double its previous number of fans.

When its 18th birthday rolled around, P.F. Chang’s wanted to celebrate. To mark the occasion, the gourmet Chinese restaurant chain decided to give back to its Facebook fans by handing out free orders of its signature Lettuce Wraps. To spread the word about the offer, the brand turned to Facebook.

P.F. Chang’s got the party started by running a three-week campaign of Facebook Ads to drive current and new fans to a coupon app on its Facebook Page. The campaign targeted fans, friends of fans, and people in places where the chain has a lot of restaurants. All in all, the campaign reached 9.1 million people.

To create even more buzz and to increase visibility of people’s engagement with the brand, P.F. Chang’s also used sponsored stories. It tapped PR outreach, email, its website and other social channels to drive awareness to the Facebook Page and its app.

The result? The brand saw a more than 3,000 percent increase in engagement on its Page during the campaign, confirming that those Lettuce Wraps are truly something special.