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BY Hemron ON 01 Oct 2021


Secret builds essential customer connections by tackling a timely cause

At the Mean Stinks campaign launch, Secret’s fan engagement rose to 24 times its previous level.

Some secrets are meant to be aired. Always looking to engage with customers in meaningful ways, Secret decided to bring out into the open a growing problem for teen girls: bullying. To launch its “Mean Stinks” campaign, Procter & Gamble’s deodorant brand used Facebook—an ideal forum for girls to share their stories.

Secret turned put-downs right side up through several clever campaign tools. People on Facebook were offered a “Good Graffiti” app, and encouraged to use it to write something nice—or to apologize—to someone in their lives. A referral page directed girls seeking help to 24-hour counseling centers. Video clips featured Glee’s Amber Riley as the campaign front-woman, and T-shirts with anti-bullying messages were available for purchase.

Secret further engaged its fans by offering a $1 deodorant coupon that triggered a $1 donation to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center when used. By using Facebook’s network of connections, Secret was able to encourage its fans to spread an important anti-bullying message—and to show that the brand is much more than a line of sweet-smelling products.