Spotify Widens Net With Facebook Platform

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BY Hemron ON 11 Oct 2021

Spotify Widens Net With Facebook Platform

Keep the users engaged; never let them leave. Today’s tech firms are finding new ways to increase user retention on their apps. Facebook is no exception. They have partnered with music giants Spotify to enable users to stream their favourite songs right on the Facebook platform. This situation is a win-win for the two tech companies as Spotify can reach Facebook’s nearly 2.89 billion users.

These are a few of the Facebook Success Stories that have occurred in a year riddled with numerous scandals for the social media network. This was not helped by the downtime suffered by Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook on October 4, 2021.

Building Bridges Amidst Media Backlash

In an era of heightened scrutiny, the media has played a crucial role in amplifying Facebook’s perceived flaws, further fanning the love-hate relationship between users and the platform. The Spotify in-app player is not the only user-centric feature that the company has introduced recently.

The conglomerate has launched numerous features and upgrades this year that mainstream media have downplayed. Chief among these is the launch of the Facebook Reels feature in the United States with additional creator bonuses and the testing of work accounts.

New Features Introduced By The Facebook platform In 2021

We have comprehensively outlined new features that the social media giant has introduced in 2021. Most notable among these are the following:

• The rolling out of Fantasy Games.

• The introduction of new personalised experiences for users.

• The introduction of shops to Marketplace and WhatsApp.

What To Expect From The Facebook Spotify Integration

The presence of Spotify on the Facebook platform is great news. This new inline audio player aptly named Project Boombox is a massive win for content creators supporting music and podcasts. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the potentials are huge.

There is a huge possibility of this project tapping into previously underexplored creative aspects that this social media platform provides. That is, excluding live audio rooms and podcasting. Users previously could integrate their favourite songs into their Instagram and Facebook stories. So while we applaud this new feature, there is more to come.