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BY Hemron ON 11 Sep 2021


Integrating with Facebook’s platform wins Spotify more users

People who connect their Facebook accounts to Spotify are more likely to become paying customers.

With more than 100,000 music albums released every year, keeping up with the latest bands can seem more like a dirge than a ditty. Music streaming business Spotify just made it a little easier to stay tuned to the trends by letting users see what their Facebook friends are listening to on the service.

By integrating with the Facebook platform, the Sweden-based service now gives people new ways to discover and share music. The Spotify app shows people which songs friends have listened to recently through updates in the Facebook Ticker. Spotify also allows music lovers to share music with their Facebook friends through the use of the service’s inbox. Tune-happy users can send tracks or playlists to friends who, in turn, are able to access this music through their Spotify accounts.

When people discover music through their friends, they’re more likely to listen and to check out a wider variety of artists. And that’s all music to Spotify’s ears.