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BY Hemron ON 06 Aug 2021


Ticketmaster combines offline and online worlds by letting fans choose seats near their friends

Content created by the social seat map lifts engagement and traffic back to Ticketmaster.com by 33 percent more than non seat-map-generated content.

Love Coldplay but don’t know anyone who’s going to the concert? Maybe you actually do. Ticketmaster’s new interactive social seat map shows people where their Facebook friends are sitting in a venue so they can buy tickets near them or look for them at the show. And the map app has Ticketmaster sitting pretty.

The social seat map is now in place for more than 9,000 events, letting fans select where they want to sit instead of counting on a computer to give them the “best available” options. Event goers can connect to Ticketmaster with their Facebook account to see a seat map with flags of where Facebook friends are sitting.

Once people purchase their tickets, they can share their seat tag with friends, triggering a post about the seats on Facebook. The new feature could help Ticketmaster sell some of the 40 percent or so of live-event tickets that typically don’t get takers.

For both the entertainment company and people looking to enjoy their favorite events with friends, the social seat map has been a ticket to success.